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Hotel in La Baule
Baie La Baule
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La Baule

In the heart of the Guérande peninsula, La Baule enjoys all the characteristics of a first choice seaside resort - a 7 miles long beach, golf course, riding and sailing schools, water-skiing ,and thalassotherapy centres. Along the Côte d’Amour –Coast of Love- you can also discover the charming traditional fishing ports, and the wild seashores more adapted to classical family vacation.

Still within the La Baule perimeter, are Guérande and its salt marshes, a “must”. Guérande , a town enclosed in high ramparts, is a testimony of the rich past of the peninsula in the Middle Ages. Beyond the town doors, the salt marshes begin. The “White Country” is a site classified as part of Europe’s patrimony. The large salt reserve has been active for over a thousand years.

Only a step from the coast, is also the “Parc régional de Brière ». Stretching over 25 hectares, the “Pays Noir” or Dark country- is the second largest marsh in France. An elaborate system of canals, allows boating into an interlacing of secret lanes.